3 Steps to Building your Referral Program

Physical Therapy Blog Article

By Amanda Kero

The average mid-size clinic with 4-5 Therapists seeing between 10-12 patients a day will typically see approximately 800-1000 patient visits per month.   What does that mean to you and your clinic? It means you have at least 800 opportunities a year to market your clinic and impress your current clients without doing much more than providing an excellent experience each and every time they walk into your business. And you’re already doing that, right?

Think about the last customer service experience you had, was it good or bad? How many people did you share your experience with? That one encounter completely shapes the way that you think of that business now and determines whether or not you will be a loyal repeat customer. We all know that customers LOVE to share their experiences with friends and family, don’t you?

Current patients provide a great opportunity to market your practice and grow your business. Below are a couple tips to easily capitalize on this enormous resource:

  1. Educate the public! We all have had the awkward evaluation where a patient reports they just recently went to one of your competitors for therapy and received substandard care. Many times we simply bite our tongue and say we just do things different here. Patients today need to understand best practices for their given condition and their expected outcomes once therapy is completed.
  2. Setup a referral program with tangible incentives. Make sure to have a prominent display within your practice so that patients are aware of the program and all of its details. Keep the referral program easy so that patients are likely to participate. A great referral program will have incentives to promote long-term success. For example, a few referrals may result in a free posture screen, while the patient that refers the most may receive a wearable fitness device like a Fitbit. Make it fun with a wellness focus!
  3. Utilize surveys and follow-up with patients. The data you receive back, good or bad, will help you improve your practice and ensure your future success in the community. Therapists and owners should be involved in the process of engaging past clients with positive and health minded thoughts.   You will be the first one they call the next time they require therapy services.

Physical therapist need to understand today, more than ever, that they need to be involved in the marketing and sales side of the rehabilitation business. We hear all the time from therapists that they did not go to school to market or sell physical therapy services, they went to school to treat patients. We completely agree, however, if no one hears how good you are, patients will never know either.

Patient referrals are inexpensive yet have the potential to make a huge impact on your business. Don’t miss out on this simple resource. Make sure each and every patient leaves your clinic educated, satisfied with their experience, and ready to refer ALL of their friends and family!