5 Tips to Prepare Physical Therapy/Rehab Practices for the New Year

  1. Understand PQRS Final Rule: PQRS for 2015 has been simplified slightly, and that is good news for the rehabilitation industry. In 2015, the list of measurements for physical therapy claims-based reporting has been reduced, however, they all need to be reported on 50% of eligible patients. Click here for the summary of the final rule and how it impacts TheraOffice users.
  1. Re-Request Authorizations: Authorizations will expire on December 31st. TheraOffice users can use the Authorization Detail Report to know which patients will require additional authorizations.
  1. Re-verify Insurance Information: We recommend that you review your active patients’ files to see if they are still covered by insurance or if their plan has changed. It is important to keep patient information up-to-date to minimize denied insurance claims.
  1. Financial Cap Reset: Financial caps will be resetting on January 1st. TheraOffice users can rest assured because we will clean up your Financial Caps for you.
  1. Plan for the Year Ahead: A successful business starts with a plan. Setting goals for your practice is the best way to gauge performance. Coming to the end of the fourth quarter, now is the time to see what worked well and what changes need to take place in the upcoming year to reach your clinical and financial goals. TheraOffice makes planning for the new year easy with the extension of our software called PracticeVIBE. PracticeVIBE enables you to build a plan for the year, enter actuals and compare to last year, identify small issues before they grow, measure progress, and forecast growth. If you can measure it, you can improve it. TheraOffice practice management software provides the necessary tools to take control of your business. Click here to learn more.