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Countdown To Functional Reporting, Day 5!

With 1 business day before the start to Functional Reporting, we’ve compiled a list of

Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 4!

10 Last Minute Tips before Monday Ask yourself these questions: Am I upgraded to version

Coutdown to Functional Reporting, Day 3!

As mentioned in the “Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 2” blog, a new update for TheraOffice

Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 2!

New Updates! Over the last few months we’ve been listening to feedback on our new

Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 1!

July is around the corner which means a new journey with functional limitation reporting.  At Hands

Functional Reporting Made Easy

At Hands On Technology we are proud to say that we have officially released our

Benefits of Using “The Cloud”

The healthcare industry has never been one to quickly jump the bandwagon on new advanced

Functional Limitation Reporting

Functional Reporting in TheraOffice July 1st is slowly creeping up on us.  For some, that

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Best of Both Worlds Microsoft has found a way to bring together the best of

Benefits of Using Practice Management Systems in Your PT Clinic

Practice management systems have quickly become a popular topic in the healthcare industry.  For those who have