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ICD-10 What you need to know

By: Nick Austin On October 1st, 2015, ICD-10 will be implemented unless there is another

How to Stay ahead of Medicare Reform with Physical Therapy Software

How To Stay ahead of Medicare Reform with Physical Therapy Software

By Daniel J. Morrill, PT, DPT “Reform” implies that something problematic is being improved. Trouble

2015 PQRS Final Rule

PQRS for 2015 has been simplified slightly, and that is good news for the rehabilitation

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Soon, Everyone Will Have Direct Access to Physical Therapy

On January 1st 2015, every state in the United States will have a law that

Changes to the Modifier 59

The Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) recently published changes to the Modifier 59 that will go

House Delays ICD-10 Implementation by 1 Year, Extends Therapy Exception Cap

Today the Senate voted on bill H.R. 4302, which contains the delay of the SGR

Countdown To Functional Reporting, Day 5!

With 1 business day before the start to Functional Reporting, we’ve compiled a list of

Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 4!

10 Last Minute Tips before Monday Ask yourself these questions: Am I upgraded to version

Coutdown to Functional Reporting, Day 3!

As mentioned in the “Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 2” blog, a new update for TheraOffice

Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 2!

New Updates! Over the last few months we’ve been listening to feedback on our new