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The Shift to Data Storage and Instant Communication is Transforming Healthcare

Technology is all around us — just look in your hand. Texting, e-mail, Instagram, and

OpenSSL / Heartbleed Exploit

In the last 2 days the IT community has been scrambling to quickly repair software

Sneak Peek Of FunctionVIBE

Hands On Technology’s development team has been working hard on a new app called Function

Functional Reporting Made Easy

At Hands On Technology we are proud to say that we have officially released our

Benefits of Using “The Cloud”

The healthcare industry has never been one to quickly jump the bandwagon on new advanced

PracticeVIBE – Clinic Planner and Analyzer

Introducing Practice Vibe Still can’t figure out why your clinic isn’t making a profit even

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Best of Both Worlds Microsoft has found a way to bring together the best of

Benefits of Using Practice Management Systems in Your PT Clinic

Practice management systems have quickly become a popular topic in the healthcare industry.  For those who have

TheraOffice Schedule Viewer App for iPhone and iPad

Updates are out for TheraOffice Web.  This update primarily focused on small changes and fixes,

Physical Therapy Software – How Technology is Changing the Industry

Digital Directions File cabinets with keys have given way to an entirely new system of