Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 4!

10 Last Minute Tips before Monday

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I upgraded to version (if on-site user) or version (if web user)?
  2. Have I ran the Functional Reporting Readiness Report?
  3. Did I print out the functional tests that I will need for the upcoming week?
  4. Is my staff trained?
  5. Did I attend a FLR webinar?
  6. Have I brushed up on my knowledge of Functional Reporting, and do I understand all that is required of me as a therapist?
  7. Does my staff understand what is required of them? (i.e. checking in patients, giving the patients the functional tests, etc.)
  8. If I unchecked the box in TheraOffice Administrator under the Documentation application option, did I go back in and re-check it so that I know when Functional Reporting is required?
  9. Am I aware of this latest change made by CMS regarding previously seen Medicare patients:   “Therapy providers who have submitted functional limitation data (G-codes) on Medicare Part B patients prior to July 1 will not need to restart functional limitation reporting on the first date of service on or after July 1. Instead, for these patients only, therapists can wait to submit functional limitation data until the next required reporting interval (eg, at the patient’s 10th visit or at discharge).  However, for beneficiaries whose treatment began prior to July 1, but for whom functional limitation reporting information has not been submitted prior to July 1, therapists must submit data on the first claim with a date of service on or after July 1.”
  10. Have I checked out the toolkit provided by APTA to ensure that I have received the most recent information regarding functional reporting?