Coutdown to Functional Reporting, Day 3!

As mentioned in the “Countdown to Functional Reporting, Day 2” blog, a new update for TheraOffice has been released with a few new features that will help make functional reporting a bit easier.  This update will be listed as TheraOffice for on-site users and for web users.  In order to check if you have already updated to this version, you can look at the TheraOffice login screen. Before typing in your password to log into TheraOffice, the bottom right corner will display what version you are currently on.  If the version listed does not say or, then you can log into a TheraOffice module and the “Download Updates” box should automatically appear.  If it does not, then you can click on Help in the top bar, and then click on the option “Check For Updates.” You should then be able to successfully update to the newest version.


Click on the play button to watch the video demonstration



Let us know what you think of these new features by posting your comments below! We love to hear your feedback so we can keep improving and ensuring that our clients are happy!