Fall Prevention

For Fall Prevention Awareness Day, we have put together a list of what causes falls and how your physical therapy rehab practice can help your patients prevent falls.

What may cause people to fall:

  • Poor musculoskeletal strength and endurance Lack of exercise could cause loss of balance and reduced flexibility.
  • Impaired visionEyesight worsens with age and could disrupt depth perception.
  • Diseases and medicationSide effects could include dizziness, impaired vision and weakness.
  • SurgeriesSome surgeries can decrease mobility and increase pain and weakness.
  • Environmental obstructionsHazards include loose carpets, poor lighting and clunky furniture.

What your practice can offer to your patients to prevent future falls:

  • Offer a free Fall Assessment to your patients- Show your patients you care about their health.
  • Demonstrate exercises to help maintain muscular skeleton strength and endurance- Balance is the key to preventing falls.
  • Suggest they receive an eye exam and make sure eye prescription is up to date- Having clear vision and accurate depth perception is a great way to prevent falls.
  • Discuss potential hazards in their homeSuggest they have hand rails and non-slip mats in bathrooms, reflective tape on furniture corners and stairs and install nightlights in rooms and hallways.
  • Recommend they discuss the side effects of their medication with their physician- Even a change in the dosage could cause dizziness.

Keeping your patients educated about fall prevention will keep them happy and healthy. A happy patient is a returning and referring patient.