TheraOffice Practice Management Software for Medium and Large Clinics




A More Efficient Hospital Rehabilitation Department

Many Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation providers at Hospital Outpatient Centers find that using the hospital wide software falls short in documentation and reporting. TheraOffice easily interfaces to larger systems through HL7 interfacing to maintain compliance and improve productivity. Administration will see cost savings by eliminating custom forms and special software functions to stay current with regulations and requirements. Clinical and support staff will see improvement in productivity with less billing mistakes. Managers and supervisors will be able to pro-actively monitor staff activity, outcomes, and compliance to improve the overall quality of care.

Value for Outpatient Hospital Centers

  1. PT, OT, Speech and Language Pathology
  2. Single and multi-clinic scalability
  3. Fast and efficient electronic medical records
  4. Custom templates, custom phrases
  5. Intuitive scheduling with copay and coinsurance collection
  6. Functional Limitation Reporting
  7. HL7 Bi-Directional Interfacing

TheraOffice for Medium and Large Practices

We Provide Tools to Take Control of Your Business

  • Schedule, Billing, and Report Interfacing
  • Improve reporting and productivity management
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Home exercise program
  • Treatment Progressions and Clinical Decision Support

Billing Manager for Medium and Large Size Practices

  • We saw a 60% improvement in documentation time in 2 weeks from going live.
    — Hospital Indiana

Learn How TheraOffice Practice Management Software Will Benefit Your Hospital Rehabilitation

TheraOffice Documentation Software of Physical Therapy ClinicsDocumentation

  • Improve clinical documentation with PT, OT, and Speech specific software
  • Utilize alerts based on rehabilitation needs to improve compliance
  • Functional reporting is built into the system
  • TheraOffice excels when enterprise software fails
  • Improve productivity and reduce documentation time
  • Customization to allow clinicians to focus on care

TheraOffice Scheduling Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsScheduler

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Custom icons for patients
  • Future appointment reminders
  • Clinical and equipment scheduling
  • Checkin and checkout
  • Multi-site capabilities

TheraOffice Accounting Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsAccounting

  • Bi-directional HL7
  • Interfacing to pass charges to enterprise system
  • Documentation checks for CCI edits and CPT checks to improve billing
  • Alerts and tasks to reduce claim errors
  • Productivity checks and reminders
  • Charges based on documentation
  • Batch and real time messaging

TheraOffice Reporting Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsDocumentation

  • Productivity and activity reports
  • Over 100 reports based on documentation
  • Documentation completion reports
  • Proactive chart audit
  • Intake forms
  • Diagnosis and treatment reports

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