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TheraOffice / Update

Earlier this week we published updates to the TheraOffice On-Site version and will be rolling out updates to the TheraOffice Web.  In this update, we completed final touches for the upcoming ICD-10 implementation and

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ICD-10: Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be making this transition to ICD-10? The ICD-10 mandated transition date of October 1st, 2015 applies to all covered entities.  This includes Medicare, Medicaid, and all commercial insurances, but does NOT include Worker’s

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Common ICD-10 Misconceptions

There are many theories related to ICD-10. We’ve compiled a list of the most common misconceptions to keep you informed and ready. The compliance deadline will be postponed again The Department of Health and Human

ICD-10 What you need to know

By: Nick Austin On October 1st, 2015, ICD-10 will be implemented unless there is another congressional delay. All signs are pointing to implementation, so like it or not, ICD-10 will most likely happen in 2015.

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3 Steps to Building your Referral Program

By Amanda Kero The average mid-size clinic with 4-5 Therapists seeing between 10-12 patients a day will typically see approximately 800-1000 patient visits per month.   What does that mean to you and your clinic? It

5 Biggest Billing Mistakes in Rehabilitation

5 Biggest Billing Mistakes By Mary Wirkus, Director of Implementation, Hands on Technology Your billing determines the success and failure of your practice. Are you billing efficiently enough to grow your practice? Are you doing

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5 Keys to Unlocking Clinic Profitability

By Daniel Morrill, PT, DPT A pivotal moment in the Oscar-nominated film The Grand Budapest Hotel involves a call to arms for the Society of the Crossed Keys, a fictional network of concierges who help

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TheraOffice .15 Update

This morning we were really excited to have released the .15 update for TheraOffice On-Site users.  The .15 update is a huge update with many new large features and changes.  We had 2 goals with this update

How to Stay ahead of Medicare Reform with Physical Therapy Software

How To Stay ahead of Medicare Reform with Physical Therapy Software

By Daniel J. Morrill, PT, DPT “Reform” implies that something problematic is being improved. Trouble is, reform in reality often isn’t quite so simple — especially when it further complicates an already tangled web of

5 Tips to Prepare Physical Therapy/Rehab Practices for the New Year

Understand PQRS Final Rule: PQRS for 2015 has been simplified slightly, and that is good news for the rehabilitation industry. In 2015, the list of measurements for physical therapy claims-based reporting has been reduced, however, they