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It All Starts With a Plan

PracticeVIBE enables you to understand the current trend, develop a plan reflecting your goals, monitor the actual results and make adjustments required to stay on course to achieve your plan and goals. Everyday you will see accurate data on the health of your business. No more end of month data mining to put spreadsheets together that allows you to review last month, daily data feeds allow you to make directional changes before small issues become large issues.

Create a Plan For The Year

Enter your plan for your business.  PracticeVIBE has a built in wizard that will help you setup the plan for your therapists.  Understanding the therapist’s contribution to your practice along with their salary information will start the goal building process.  Once all the therapist are in the system, PracticeVIBE organizes the data into charts that allow you to tweak each month.  Maybe the clinic is a little slower in the summer, you can adjust the plan accordingly.

Physical Therapist Practice Management Software by TheraOffice

TheraOffice PracticeVIBE Computer Software

Actual Versus Plan and Last Year

Once the base data is entered, PracticeVIBE’s automated data capture tool will snapshot the metrics needed to monitor your actuals to your plan.  PracticeVIBE will tell track your year actuals versus previous years and your plan.  You will see daily feedback on what is needed to achieve your plan on a daily basis.  Customizable tiles will allow you to monitor your data quickly and effectively so that you are always one step ahead of the curve.

See Your Success and Find Your Shortcomings

PracticeVIBE is designed to give you more real time data to help monitor the health of your practice. Custom tiles serve as the overview for the metrics you follow. We all set plans and goals for our businesses, but many times we fall a little short when it comes to actively monitoring our progress. Many clinics run month end reports and review their success or failures after they have already occurred; PracticeVIBE gives analytic data and points you to the problems so you can stay proactive and promote positive change.

Clinic Analytic Tracking by TheraOffice

If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It.

Having reports and numbers is one thing, knowing how to interpret them and use them to your benefit is vital.  From small clinics to large enterprises, data mining has always been difficult.  Many different systems and people wanting different data points to compare.  PracticeVIBE puts all the metrics at your fingertips to drive performance in your practice.  There is simply no other tool currently on the market that can do the same thing.

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