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TheraOffice Software Referrals

Hands on Technology Referral Program

We want to thank our current customers by offering a reward for referring other clients to use TheraOffice®.

TheraOffice Physical Therapy Software Referral Program

Opportunity: Hands On Technology, Inc. clients and TheraOffice users can qualify for a Client Appreciation Award by recommending and referring TheraOffice to their colleagues.
Qualified Referral: Hands on Technology, Inc. client or TheraOffice user shares their favorable experience with colleague and provides the colleague contact information (name, practice, email/phone) to Hands On Technology, Inc. sales (email referral to [email protected]).
Demo Sign Up: At Demonstration sign up, the potential client names the referring clinic in the Referring clinic field.
Client Appreciation Award: When your colleague subscribes to TheraOffice and becomes a TheraOffice client for three months, the referring client is eligible for a Client Appreciation Award.
Complimentary Service: The referring client earns one month of complimentary TheraOffice service (license) for each corresponding referral provided up to $500 of TheraOffice services. Referred colleague must remain a TheraOffice client for 3 months.

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