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5 Tips to Prepare Physical Therapy/Rehab Practices for the New Year

Understand PQRS Final Rule: PQRS for 2015 has been simplified slightly, and that is good

Functional Limitation Reporting

Functional Reporting in TheraOffice July 1st is slowly creeping up on us.  For some, that

PQRS…Your Questions Answered!

PQRS…Your Questions Answered! Every day at Hands on Technology we receive multiple questions that are

2013 Medicare Reporting and Requirements for Out Patient Physical Therapy

The start of a new year brings us hope, excitement, anticipation, and…new changes in Medicare.

Physical Therapy Software TheraOffice: PQRS Questionnaire

This short video will show you the capabilities of TheraOffice to be able to do

Physical Therapy Software TheraOffice: PQRS Changes

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a quality measurement system that has been put