TheraOffice / Update

We are excited to announce the availability of the update for TheraOffice On-Site today and the update for TheraOffice Web next week. For this update, we had 2 primary goals: TheraOffice Documentation on the iPad and improvements for HL7 interfaces.

TheraOffice Documentation iPad App
The word we used today is ‘mobility’ but back in the early 2000’s much of the mobile technology we have today was born from Palm Pilots and Pocket PC Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). For customers that used our initial product (TheraWriter.PT) nearly 14 years ago now – the initial goal of our software was to create a documentation application on the desktop that would sync up to a Palm Pilot or Pocket PC. We called the product TheraFreedom which was supposed to free the therapist from working on a desktop to be able to do quick daily / SOAP notes while in front of the patient. TheraFreedom worked well but the hardware that was used (Palm Pilots and Pocket PC’s) eventually met their demise.  The hardware was too limited in the day to be able to view much on the screen and the processing and storage power was very limited.

The technology and architecture sure has changed a lot in the 14 years in the mobility arena – Hands On Technology has been investing for about a year now on all the infrastructure needed to take advantage of all the new mobile technology both today and looking forward in the future.  About 7 months ago we were ready to start building our Documentation app on the iPad.  Our goal was the same as it was with TheraFreedom – build a mobile app that would allow the therapist to treat and document at the same time, but now the capabilities were much greater.  With larger screen sizes, more processing power, better storage, speech recognition, and all with the ability to run over the web, the iPad was the hardware we needed to complete the vision we started out to build.

Version 1 of the Documentation app on the iPad was designed to perform just the documentation editing functions within TheraOffice Documentation.  Each feature in the TheraOffice Documentation desktop application was analyzed, and re-thought through, simplified, and optimized before being brought onto the iPad Documentation app which increases the speed of completing a note.  We optimized the software for use for the Web so the performance is actually faster than our TheraOffice Web Documentation Windows edition.  Although we are very excited about version 1, we are even more excited about future enhancements and ideas we have planned for the Documentation app on the iPad.

Internally for about 2 months we have been testing the Documentation app in our clinic, so we are ready to invite others to test, give ideas and feedback.  If your clinic is interested in beta testing the Documentation app for the iPad, please contact us.   Below are the system requirements:

  • iPad running iOS 7
  • TheraOffice On-Site version or TheraOffice Web version
  • TheraOffice Mobile Application Server for TheraOffice On-Site
HL7 Interface Enhancements
A large part of the .13 update were updates for many of the existing customers using HL7 interfaces to and from another EHR system as well as new features for new customers that need to interface with other EHR’s.
Patient Account Numbers:  Support was added for patient account numbers which are typically used when patient account numbers are generated every 30, 60, 90, etc. days.  Typically, this meant closing and locking cases on a new account number generation.  This new feature was added to allow account numbers to be re-assigned as the new numbers are generated and cases to remain unlocked in TheraOffice.
HL7 Web Interfaces:  We are in the early stages of deploying HL7 ADT, DFT interfaces, and the locked document export for TheraOffice Web customers.  This allows new patients to be registered in another EHR then interfaced with TheraOffice Web via a ADT transaction, then scheduled, documented in TheraOffice and after a note is locked in Documentation, charges sent via a DFT transaction and the locked note exported back to another EHR.
Locked Document via ORU:  We’ve added support for the locked document export engine to send documents in a ORU HL7 message for both On-Site and Web deployments.
Other Enhancements
Other smaller enhancements and fixes have been included in the .13 update for both On-Site and Web.  A few of the notable ones are detailed below:
  • New logos – We have been updating logos for TheraOffice and Hands On Technology over the last few months.  The new logos have been included in the .13 update.
  • Disable Facility Checkbox On Open & Find Patient in Accounting – Typically centralized billing offices will uncheck the Facility checkbox to limit the search results in the Open and Find patient screens.  The last check or uncheck will save for future use automatically only in Accounting.
  • Reset Treatment Status Application Option – For clinics that use techs or aides the new application option when enabled will reset the treatment status to ‘Not Set’ on every new note.  This way the next person that treats the patient just updates the status and settings if needed.
  • Data Center Expansion – TheraOffice Web customers will start to see faster speeds in the next few weeks / months as we roll out to new data centers.  As we begin migrating we will make more details available.


We look forward to hearing feedback from the .13 update.  If you should need any help or have any questions, please let us know.