TheraOffice / Update

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially released the final 2016 update, and for both TheraOffice On-Site and TheraOffice Web. In Hands On Technologies 15 years of business this is one of the largest incremental updates we’ve included in our software and we have high hopes that there is something unique for everyone.

Below are some of the highlights, however the full list can be viewed in the update log. We also hosted a series of webinars that cover the New TheraOffice Update, Evaluation Codes for Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy, and our latest integration with FOTO, all of which are available and can be viewed in TheraOffice Training Center.  (Click Help > Training Center)

In short, we will quickly run through all of this with you:

Evaluation Codes for Physical Therapists & Occupational Therapists

PT will be dropping the requirement for PQRS in 2017 however will be adding the new changes for the new Evaluation Codes. We strived to make this transition as easy as possible by adding new features to the .7 update to help suggest the correct CPT code. For more information please view the 2017 Evaluation Codes Webinar in the Training Center. You can also reference this chart for Physical Therapy and this chart for Occupational Therapy.

Expected Reimbursement Rate

An exciting feature in the .7 update is now in the Treatments section of the Document Editor providers and will now be able to quickly view the suggested charges, expected reimbursement, and time to next unit amounts. This feature will give therapists the most information during entering the treatments to maximize reimbursement. For more information please view the .7 Update Webinar in the Training Center.

FOTO Integration Expanded

The FOTO integration has been in TheraOffice for several months now as we collected feedback and tested it. We added the ability to now download the functional reporting data automatically and also added the ability to re-link a patient in FOTO. For more information we will be posting a recording of the FOTO Webinars to the Training Center.

CPT Codes On Treatments

We added the ability for 4 CPT codes to be assigned to a treatment which now makes it easily change the CPT code associated with a treatment while in the Document Editor for the treatment. This then allows better control over the coding of treatments.

Across the software we made minor feature changes that hopefully will make life easier and we fixed various small issues.We have a busy schedule planned for Development in 2017 to ensure that our software is constantly providing clients beneficial functionalities. We have started on several new projects that will be developed in parallel with TheraOffice that we hope to release throughout 2017.

If there are any questions with any of the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.