TheraOffice .11 Update

Over the next few days, Hands on Technology will be rolling out the / update for TheraOffice Web and TheraOffice On-Site. This update is significant for the TheraOffice product as it will be the first step toward adding mobile applications into the TheraOffice ecosystem. The biggest technical challenge involved in this development was getting data from the TheraOffice Database to a mobile device like an iPad or a Windows 8 tablet. This was challenging because most mobile devices are built first for the consumer and lack most of the enterprise compatibility needed to work with the TheraOffice database. To solve this, a new server named the TheraOffice Mobile Application Server, was needed to bridge the mobile devices to the TheraOffice database. The TheraOffice Mobile Application Server can be deployed On-Site and is built into our web infrastructure, which allows a single app to run in both on-site and web deployments.

The first app built on the new TheraOffice Mobile Application Server framework is Function VIBE. Function VIBE contains 17 of the most used functional tests that can be given to patients to complete on an iPad or Windows 8 device (like a Surface), scored, then automatically uploaded to TheraOffice Documentation. For Medicare patients, these results are then imported into the Functional Reporting section and reported to Medicare.

The second app we will be releasing is Schedule VIBE – an updated version of the TheraOffice Schedule Viewer app released earlier this year. Although the functionality is largely the same, it was rebuilt to run on the TheraOffice Mobile Application Server framework for faster and easier management in a unified framework.

We are currently in development of TheraOffice Documentation on the iPad and Win RT, which is scheduled to be completed in early 2014 and will be the 3rd app built on the TheraOffice Mobile Application server. We will also be working with our partners to add integrations into the TheraOffice Mobile Application server to expand functionality both in and out of TheraOffice while adding additional features to their services.

Finally, another major addition to TheraOffice Web in the .11 update is support for new data centers that we will be bringing online in early 2014. The TheraOffice Web product has grown very quickly and is now accounting for nearly 90% of all new TheraOffice deployments. To expand capacity, scalability, and improve speed we have opened two new data centers in Austin TX, and Raleigh, NC and will be working to redistribute customer databases to the data center nearest to them. During this process we have also increased the speed of the hardware, network, and our software with initial testing showing a 50% speed increase.

We will be planning a final .12 update in 2013 to add several minor features requested by customer feedback. Customers can also expect some really exciting and innovative new apps and features to build off of the .11 update in 2014.

We look forward to hearing feedback on Function VIBE and Schedule VIBE. Please contact us if you have any questions.