TheraOffice Update

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Over the summer we’ve been working hard on a complete overhaul of the TheraOffice Web foundation and infrastructure, which we’ve included in the update for TheraOffice Web edition. (This update doesn’t apply to the TheraOffice On-Site edition)

There were 4 main goals of this update:

Increase Software Response Times

As technology has changed over the last 4 years since TheraOffice Web has been released, we moved the underlying infrastructure to a new and faster technology.  This makes TheraOffice faster by reducing the traffic size, and reducing the computations required on the TheraOffice Web client.  We also optimized certain areas of the software to require less round trips back to the server.

These changes globally made the software 59% faster and it now uses 78% less bandwidth.

Below are some of the more notable areas where we saw improvements: - SpeedImprovements

Increase Timeout Time

On the prior infrastructure of TheraOffice Web we modeled the inactivity timeout much like most banking and credit card websites where it would timeout from inactivity after 10 minutes.  This is for security and also for backend infrastructure resource reasons.  Now that we increased speed, reduced bandwidth and reduced backend server resources, we can now allow for the idle timeout time to be up to 30 minutes.  We hope this is more ideal for treating patients where a therapist may have been logged in and working with a patient and not able to get back to your computer for 10 minutes which resulted in a re-login. - TimeOutMinutes

We also now added an inactivity warning window that will appear 1 minute prior to the idle timeout.  This warning allows for the extension of the idle time before logging out by clicking the ‘Stay Logged In’ button.  If the ‘Stay Logged In’ button is not pressed or the ‘Log Out Now’ button is pressed then TheraOffice Web will return back to the login window as it did prior. TimeoutWarning

Maximum Image Upload Size

As more and more clinics move towards a paperless office using TheraOffice we see more and more scanning for intake forms, insurance cards, etc.  Typically the intake forms can be several pages long and depending on the settings on the scanner these images after scanning can become very large.  In the prior version of TheraOffice Web there was a max image size of 10 MB which was usually sufficient for most images but required resizing for large multi-page images.  We have now increased this size to 30 MB which should allow for more pages to be scanned in a single image note or patient image.

Large Report Viewer Reports & ERAs

In the prior infrastructure of TheraOffice Web, much like large image notes there was a size limit on reports generated in Report Viewer.  We also had similar issues with ERAs that were extremely large and couldn’t be applied due to their size.  We’ve now increased those size limits as well so that large drill down reports, and ERA’s should now be able to download or upload without any issues.


Because this is such a large change, we’ve been testing this update for most of the summer.  We will be rolling this update out in waves over the next few weeks in Sept. and Oct. before we release the next update.  Because we are throttling the releases there could be times where only a few computers could be updated in a facility but not all.  This is normal, however if desired, we can enable the update for the entire facility.   Please feel free to contact us if you would like this update sooner or if you have any questions.