TheraOffice .6 Web Update Release

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With the release of the .6 update to both our Web and On-Site versions, we thought we would take a minute to review some of the more notable changes within this update:

Intake Validator

The Intake Validator received multiple updates in the .6 version. This includes the following:

  • Multi-select functionality to perform operations for multiple cases at once.
  • Additional columns for Appointment Time, Primary Insurance, and Insurance Group.
  • Modification to the Facility column to be based on the most recent appointment.
  • Additional filtering for Facility, Insurance, and Insurance Group.

Intake Validator View Filters

Future Appointments

The Future Appointments window is available by right clicking on an appointment in Scheduling and then selecting “Future Appointments”. Within this window, we have changed the date of the appointment to include the day of the week. Also, we added a column for the case name for better visibility in multiple case scenarios.




Patient Supplies / Equipment (DME) / Other Payments

The Patient Supplies / Equipment (DME) window has historically been used not only for supply charges but also for any non-treatment charges that you wanted the patient to pay for such as a cancellation charge. For this reason, we have renamed that window as well as increased some of the functionality.


Also added was the ability to directly open the Patient DME Supplies window from an appointment by right clicking on that appointment and selecting Add Patient DME Supplies. This will also pre-populate the patient and case names.


While in the DME window, you will now see the patient check in vitals appear on the left hand side.

Case Name Visibility

With the rise of multi-discipline clinics, we have decided to increase the visibility of the case name in a few screens.  The case name has been added to the Unlocked Documents in Documentation, the Document Organizer in Documentation and in the Patient History. This should help with patients that have multiple cases running at the same time.

Scheduling Template Increments

By default, our schedule is very free form, allowing you to schedule an appointment at any time for any length. Some clinics might prefer to lock this down more. To assist, we have added the ability to indicate a schedule interval on a resource. To enable this feature, you must first enable it from Administrator by going to Application Options for Scheduling and checking the box for “Enable Alternating Schedule Color Increments”.


The next step is to login to Scheduling and go to the Resources section and editing that Resource’s Scheduling Template. Here, you can indicate the incremented value for the resource on each day.


This will now color code these intervals for that resource based on your settings.