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We spent a great deal of time observing and talking with clinicians to determine their needs for documentation. We collaborated with industry leaders about best practices and what makes a clinical practice the best of breed. We then set our path to develop a Documentation system that combines best practice principles with great innovation.  We think therapists can be compliant, fast, and still provide patients with a great treatment experience.

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Physical therapists start their day by looking at tasks and alerts which will provide the visibility to navigate and have a productive day.  Therapists are in control of the many facets of a busy clinical day:  who is checked in, if they are still approved for therapy and what type of documentation needs to be completed.  All the information is on the screen or a few clicks away.  Therapists can now take advantage of the TheraOffice Documentation App for the iPad that allows for multiple open patients at the same time.

TheraOffice Physical Therapy Documentation Software

iPad Documentation Software for PT Clinics


Documentation is designed to allow therapists to complete their notes at the point of service while capturing the correct billing codes in the process.  Therapists can customize templates, key phrases, and frequently used statements, to decrease data input time and take advantage of mobile computers.  Dictation is also supported in the easy to use interface that puts key data in the hands of the therapists while they are treating their patients.  The technology used to develop TheraOffice offers a user experience that is unmatched on other development platforms.  Try to open multiple patients in the same window at the same time on other systems and you will find that it is simply not possible.

Key Features

Injury Specific Templates

Home Exercise Library

Document Organizer


Charge Checks and Cci Edits

Clinical Decision Support

Plan of Care Reminders

Custom Templates

Smart Progression Assistant

Charge Suggestion


Functional Reporting Alerts

iPad Documentation App

Document Organizer

Chart Review

Built in Word Processing

Spell Check

Quick Notes

Schedule Viewer


TheraOffice Documentation featured point of service documentation many years go. At Hands on Technology, we feel it is very important to complete notes while therapists are working with patients. We found documentation accuracy, charge capture, and overall productivity improved when therapists were able to complete their notes while treating patients. More importantly, patients get to spend more time with their therapist.

Improve Workflow Processing

TheraOffice Documentation will improve consistency and compliance across your organization. Best performing practices institute workflows that focus on efficient repeatable processes that can be improved over time.

Improve Your Clinic's Business Processes

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