TheraOffice Physical Therapy Strategy Features

TheraOffice Features

Improving Clinical and Financial Success

It All Starts with a Great Idea

New features typically start as ideas based on TheraOffice user feedback or trends in the rehabilitation industry.  Many of the TheraOffice features are found in the Enterprise EMR and Practice Management Software at a value that makes Theraoffice affordable for any size clinic.  For every feature we build into TheraOffice, we first consider the overall impact on clinic success.  During development meetings, we are always asking if the features would improve efficiency, save time, enhance workflow processing, and have the potential to improve clinical and financial performance.  If the answer is yes, we move forward.

TheraOffice Accounting Software Demo

Custom Documentation

All therapist have different styles when it comes to documentation.  We believe it is important for therapists to have flexibility in documentation as long as the documentation proves medical necessity and maintains compliance.  TheraOffice Documentation was designed to allow for complete customization of the format and fields that are present in the software.  Every clinician can have their own set of customizations, while still maintaining the compliance and best practices for defensible documentation across the business.

Alerts and Tasks

TheraOffice was designed to improve clinical and business workflow processes within an Organization.  Alerts and Tasks are a key component to completing the process that are vital to operations.  Plan of Care Reminders, Financial Cap Reminders, Tasks to follow up with patient, and many many more.  TheraOffice ships with over 50 alerts and tasks that can be modified to fit your needs.  If there is something else you need an alert for, you can also utilize our professional services team to build custom alerts and tasks.

Custom Clinical Alerts - TheraOffice

TheraOffice Revenue Cycle Management


TheraOffice Vitals is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows therapist and clinics to monitor virtually any data in TheraOffice and present it to you when you need it the most.  Days since surgery, functional reporting requirements, physician information, or any other information you feel is important to management of patients is available to you when and where you need the information.  Over 50 vitals are available for you to customize for your practice.

HL7 and API Technology

While TheraOffice was built to be a comprehensive solution for rehabilitation practice from patient care to billing, we understand the importance of being able to communicate through a programming language to other systems.  TheraOffice’s HL7 engine and our Proprietary API foundation allow us to securely transmit data from TheraOffice to other vendors and Practice Management and EMR systems.  TheraOffice is easily implemented into hospital systems billing systems and third party products like marketing tools.

HL7 and API Technology for iPad and Computer

TheraOffice Fax: In-Bound & Outbound Faxing

TheraOffice Fax is an electronic inbound and outbound faxing service.  Faxes and transmission responses (send receipt) are received via the inbound queue system for review and to be sent directly to a patient’s case/record.  TheraOffice Fax allows therapists to instantly send a single or group of notes directly from the patient’s folder, eliminating the extra steps required with traditional faxing.

TheraOffice Fax: In-Bound & Outbound Faxing

iPad Documentation Software

Open Multiple Patients at the Same Time

Documentation is designed to allow therapist to complete their notes at the point of service while capturing the correct billing codes in the process.  TheraOffice Documentation allows for the therapist to customize templates, key phrases, and frequently used statements, to decrease data input time and take advantage of mobile computers.  Dictation is also supported in the easy to use interface that puts key data in the hands of the therapists while they are treating their patients.   The technology used to develop TheraOffice offers the end users a right user experienced that is unmatched on other development platforms.  Try to open multiple patients in the same window at the same time on other systems and you will find that it is simply not possible.

Billing Tools

TheraOffice is designed to make billing more efficient by improving the revenue cycle and eliminating extra billing steps.  Billing Tools makes it easy for a clinics to implement best practice workflows, by giving billers the information they need to stay on top of accounts receivables.  Reports are great, but they are not interactive.  Billing Tools act like a report, but gives you added power of being able to take action.  Resubmitting a claim, opening insurance information, or adding tasks for follow up are just a few of the many features available.

Physical Therapy and Hospital Billing Tools

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