Why TheraOffice

Why TheraOffice Physical Therapy Practice Management Software and EMR?

Change Will Help You Grow

Whether you are new to EMR or Practice Management Systems, or looking to change from your current one, we are here for you every step of the way.  We believe our partnership starts way before you ever purchase TheraOffice and that is our Difference.

It Begins with a Conversation.

Phone or Email, we want to hear what you need.  We want to hear about your situation and what your needs are.  Tell us about your facility: what is working and where you need to improve.

Why Your Practice Needs TheraOffice

TheraOffice Accounting Software Demo

See an Online Demonstration, Try the Software

TheraOffice is designed around the behaviors and workflow processes of the highest performing practices.  We want you to see all the features and explore the fit of our completely integrated software solution to your unique practice.  If you are interested we also encourage trials of TheraOffice so that you can kick the tires and see the power.


Change is scary. Cash flow interruption is just as scary, but what are you losing by not having a system or using a system that is simply inadequate? Once you become a subscriber, we start with an implementation kick-off meeting. At the implementation meeting, we identify a go live date and then set a project schedule that will highlight the steps required to get TheraOffice up and running. From training to data entry, the implementation timeline is designed to make sure that there is an easy transition to TheraOffice with minimal disruption to your business. The bottomline is that we are right there every step of the way.

Clinic Management Software & EMR Implementation

Go Live

Hands on Technology staff will be available to you through the implementation process making the day you go live just another day.  Our staff will be available to address and handle any issues that may pop up.

Account Management and Little Tweaks

Once you are live and comfortable with TheraOffice, our Account Managers will stay in touch to help with the tweaks that can be performed in TheraOffice to make the software even more efficient.  Adding some custom alerts, what reports to run, and changing statement formats are a few of the many things that can be done in TheraOffice to make your life even easier.

EMR Account Manager

TheraOffice Customer Support Team

Stay in Touch

We want to stay engaged and work with your clinic to help you meet your business and practice goals.  We want to hear your ideas to improve TheraOffice and learn from your success.

Commitment to Rehabilitation

Our CEO, Daniel Morrill is still a practicing PT and he believes that the impact therapists have on lives is amazing. His goal was to build software to compliment the talents of therapists and feels great honor in doing so.  Our focus will always be rehabilitation and we have not yet scratched the surface of what we can do with high quality practices.  We set out to change the status quo and are determined to bring innovation to our field.

Find Out More

Learn more about TheraOffice and how we can help your practice become more efficient and profitable.

Find Out How TheraOffice Practice Management Software Will Benefit Your Unique Business

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